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Skype Guitar Lessons

For the last several years, I've had the wonderful opportunity to offer guitar lessons to students all over the globe, thanks to the wonders of the internet.  Using Skype I've been able to connect with many students of diverse backgrounds, both musically and culturally.  I find great joy in being able to share my knowledge with others, and I'm happy to continue offering guitar lessons over Skype for as long as I have time. 

My goal as an educator, is to equip each and every student with all the tools necessary for their personal, and complete, musical expression.  


I feel it is important that we, as musicians, become proficient at combining the body and brain.  Doing this can help us to safely and efficiently express ourselves on our instruments comfortably for years to come.   With technique, we will examine both one's individual needs as well as a general overview of any mechanic to insure each student can easily overcome obstacles in the future.  Techniques such as alternate picking, sweep/economy styles of picking, hybrid/finger picking, legato, string skipping, tapping, vibrato, muting etc. will be covered in depth as to enable students to use them effectively and musically.  


Music theory is a subject that some love, and some love to hate.  I believe it is very important to cultivate a curiosity of theory, and build knowledge.  Music theory is descriptive, so to describe any sound is be able to use them later.

Music is a form of language, and to be able to write well in a certain language, requires an internalization of the mechanics and vocabulary.  It's my aim to teach students the elements of music, in a musical and applicable way.  Some topics covered include: Scales, Modes, Harmony, Intervals, Ear Training, Rhythm - and for guitar, various scale systems (1,2,3,4 note per string scales), the CAGED system, notes of the fretboard, voicing, visualization, will be covered.  


To me, improvisation and composition are two sides of the same coin, with the sole difference that improvisation is done in real time.  I believe that these are some of the most important subjects an instrumentalist can study.  In these fields, achieving an optimal result requires a developed musical ecosystem, that seamlessly combines musicality, creativity, technique, and knowledge.  

As someone who makes their own music, I do believe it is important to use creativity as often as possible.  It's my hope that with lessons, you find an easier time creating the music you hear in your head.

Rates & Disclaimer

As mentioned previously, I teach via Skype.  I offer a one hour lesson block for $60, or a block of four one hour lessons for $200 paid via paypal.  As all lessons are booked slots of time, a 24 hour notice is required for any reschedule/cancellation.  If you have any questions about lessons, or topics not listed, please feel free to contact me.  Use the contact form below to reach me, and to schedule a lesson.  Thanks so much!

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Policy:  All lessons (including ones booked monthly) are a booked time slot.  Rescheduling or cancellations are allowed, but *only if 12 or more hours prior to the lesson*.  All lessons must be paid for 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson.

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