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With a fresh perspective to crafting musical worlds, twenty-five year old guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/composer Sean Ashe is quickly making a name for himself as one of the most exciting up and coming musicians to hit the scene.  

Born and raised, by a loving (and musical) family, in Chicagoland, USA - Sean Ashe has found always himself immersed in a sonic world.

Crying out to the drumset, it became apparent that while not big enough to play them yet, Sean had found a love for the drums. For Christmas (1997), Sean’s parents bought him a miniature drumset of his own, and it would not be long before he was trying to play along to beats of his favorite songs.

At thirteen, Sean developed a curiosity for the fretboard, and found his niche as a guitarist. Spending almost all of his teen years practicing, and writing music, Sean began developing his voice in both the instrument and in composition.

Teaching himself all of the skills he needed to pursue his journey, Sean self-released his long awaited debut album, Flux, on January 12th, 2016. Written, recorded/engineered, and mixed by Sean, Flux has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews, and continues to reach new listeners every day. To date, Flux sold over several thousand copies and has received over 500k streams.

Sean is currently living in California, finishing up his second full length solo album (Spring 2019), as well as working on several other projects TBA.


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