Sean Ashe


Official web page of guitarist, composer, and solo artist Sean Ashe


Section in progress.  Pictures/descriptions coming soon

Electric Guitar (All Tom Anderson Models):

Angel -  'Gingerburst'- Serial #04-17-14S  
 Angel - 'Koa'  - Serial # 06-30-13S
Angel - ‘Abalone’ Serial #06-30-18SA
Guardian Angel - Gingerburst - Serial #06-30-17S
Icon Classic - - Serial #11-22-15S  
Ticon Classic - Serial #07-17-18P
Mermet Guitars ‘Between Worlds’ themed (superstrat) - Custom

1984 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ 
Mesa Boogie JP2C
Fractal Audio AX8
Universal Audio OX

Bluechip Picks Jazz 80LG  (Electric)
Bluechip Picks CT55 (Acoustic)
Elixir Strings

Recording/Audio Production:
Universal Audio OX
2017 Macbook Pro
Logic X
Spectrasonics Omnisphere/Keyscape
Equator D8 Speakers
DT770 Headphones

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